Chef, Matteo Giurlanda

Matteo Giurlanda was born in 1955, in Trapani, he immediately follows the catering way: when he is 15 years old he is apprentice in Re Aceste in Erice, while at 19 years old he grows in the most famous Sicilian restaurants. He enters the world of Costa Crociere in 1978, always acquiring new knowledges of different traditions. In 1980 he returns to his first restaurant as chef, but the real change is in 1990, when he opens in Erice the Restaurant Monte San Giuliano.

Here Giurlanda proposes a cuisine able to enhance the best products of the gastronomic culture of Sicily, in particular of Trapani, exalting typical products such as almonds, olives, pistachios and garlic, all interpreted in a personal way and worked with innovative techniques. A taste completely Mediterranean, that discovers its true power in genuineness.

Always looking for new tastes, he receives in 1997 the Collegio Cocorum of Italian Chef Federation. Among his charge, today, he's been the President of the provincial Chefs Association of Trapani for 12 years